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Will Buxton should work on his CV rather than tell Ferrari how to play politics.Marchionne is right…

Will Buxton should work on his CV rather than tell Ferrari how to play politics.

Marchionne is right to be worried about the engine regulations for 2020. Why should Ferrari hang around for a mediocre standardise Americanised series? Mercedes and Renault are also worried, Ferrari are taking another bullet because they are happy to let the public know about their unhappiness. Liberty Media can fuck off. And poor Will Buxton, I hope he enjoys his time on the dole.

It’s almost like they have an agenda…..


That classic Italians are failures line from Gallagher.


Bitterness coming from Heath is palpable, but what can one expect from that unprofessional Brexit Nazi.

James Price should remember a good photographer doesn’t get in the way of his subjects.


Someone remind Buxton, he isn’t the star of the show. Just because he can’t score an interview with Ferrari, he comes up with this nonsensical bull. Thank God he won’t anywhere near the team next year, who’s going to employ now, Buxton?


How to spin a video to suit your agenda from Hone. Looking well professional there, if any companies are looking at hiring Mr. Hone, I suggested you look at his twitter page first. Likewise with Heath.

Funny how they talk about Ferrari and photograph Ferrari because that’s where the money is, isn’t? Even these morons know without Ferrari, F1 would be nothing but a backwater British championship (I bet that’s Heath’s wet dream.) Someone please remind the ‘photographers’ F1 teams are not their models, they are there to race.  

Vile, ugly, scummy, prejudiced British attitude is the reason why Ferrari treat them with contempt. These types of ‘journalists’ deserve nothing less.Then they have the nerve to complain about Ferrari shunning them. 

No other team has to put up with this sort of disgraceful behaviour, no team in F1 or in any other sport, anywhere in the world. 

Fully support Ferrari’s media blackout. Remember they only rain on your parade because your sun puts them in the shade. #ForzaFerrari #Whennobodiesthinktheyresomebodies