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Ferrari need to leave Vettel out to rot. To teach the little fucker a lesson. No one is bigger than the team. 💩

Crawls around behind an Alfa for the majority of the race because he’s afraid of the wet stuff and then lucks onto the podium.

Vettel is still a 🛎 🔚 #FireHim


Dear Mr. Vettel, someone at Ferrari remembers, see also 2010 and 2012. Just leave.


The day Vettel leaves Ferrari will be the greatest.

This day can’t come soon enough.


Someone please give Vettel his slippers, pipe and retirement home keys

Waste of a seat.

What an embarrassment. Just go, you won’t be missed.

Vettel and Verstappen are from the same Red bull school of dirty driving. You made your bed and now lie in it.

I hope Ferrari never ever hire another scummy tosser from that fizzy drinks company.