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A fucking disgrace. Ferrari deserve better. Charles did nothing wrong. 

Team Ferrari always. Here’s a message for the rest of you……..



The one result I want from this season is Ferrari to say arrivederci to Vettel.


Bringing this back. Let’s be honest, he hasn’t achieved much and quite frankly it just isn’t working. Like I said back in 2014, Vettel just doesn’t fit in at Ferrari. 

Vettel is one of those who is a sneaky, pathetic two faced politician.

He whinged and moaned about a slipstream (which he didn’t even provide for his team mate) and wore a face like a slapped arse for the whole world to see. He was gifted a win last week and had the nerve to celebrate it like he actually deserved it. And today he broke a TEAM agreement.

But no, Sebby Vebby is an angel who is being shat upon by evil Ferrari. 💁‍♀️

Vettel serves his special at Monza 😂😂👋👋

What a joke the so called four times world champion is.

Vettel only got that podium because Pirelli can’t make tyres

Charles’ time will come.

The one result I want from this season is Ferrari to say arrivederci to Vettel.


Dear Mr. Vettel, someone at Ferrari remembers, see also 2010 and 2012. Just leave.

Love the passion and determination from Charles

Ferrari need to take note, we should be supporting Charles 100 per cent. The only thing Vettel has shown great talent in is spinning, leave him to manage his own car like his bellend fans want.

The best thing Ferrari can do right now is sack Vettel and save themselves a bill for 40 million a year.

Money which could be spent on encouraging Pirelli to make decent tyres a la Mercedes.