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Why do you put so much pressure on Sebastian? …

Why do you put so much pressure on Sebastian? He’s human; and entitled to make a few mistakes but to speak about his performance like that…. A true Ferrari fan would stand behind our drivers no matter what and not step on them when they lose, because losing is part of the game. People like you make me wonder about the Ferrari fans sometimes. I hope you mature and put yourself in Sebastian’s position. Forza Ferrari❤️

I do not have to be a blind Ferrari fan and accept their choice of driver, especially regards to Vettel. His lack of originality, failure to accept his mistakes, immaturity, lacklustre racing, misogynistic attitude and the absolute weak mentality means out of the entire grid in the last 20 years, he is the one who does not fit with Ferrari, no matter how hard he tries to immulate (excruciatingly and painfully!) Michael. He is not a Michael, not even close.



Because you’re the most wonderful, passionate bunch of people who deserve far more from this season than what driver number 5 has delivered.



Congratulations to Lewis Hamilton

The better driver won this year but don’t worry Charles Leclerc is coming for you next year!

Vettel once again letting Ferrari down, clearly has the mental strength of cardboard in water. Ferrari isn’t the place for you, go find another team. #Ferrarideservebetter


My toddler can drive better than Vettel.


Ferrari strategists this, Ferrari strategist that and yet it’s the driver who can’t keep it on track without clattering into someone 🤷‍♀️

Time to fire Vettel!!!!!!!


Patiently waiting for Vettel to be fired. 😌



Let’s blame the team, ignore Vettel’s incompetence throughout this season. He can fuck off and do it all his own way, see if we give a shit. This Ferrari team isn’t your punchbag, it’s the very same team to have given him a world championship capable car.

Driver fans make me sick.


The day Vettel leaves Ferrari will be the greatest.


For real Ferrari fans Vettel and disappointment go hand in hand.

2019 can’t come quick enough!

Oh look it’s the German Grand Prix so people t…

Oh look it’s the German Grand Prix so people think it’s ok to compare the immensely talented genius Michael Schumacher and his actual/real accomplishments to ……………Vettel? Show some respect, Michael deserves better.