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Ferrari need to leave Vettel out to rot. To teach the little fucker a lesson. No one is bigger than the team. 💩

Vettel is lucky to get a gift from Ferrari on a circuit no one can overtake. How nice of Mattia to give the ‘lil poor boy a confidence boost. It’s like feeding scraps to dogs about to be put down. 🤣🤣

It’s Ferrari’s victory. And a 1-2. Can’t wait to see Charles Leclerc murder him for the rest of the season.

Go Charles overtake the fucker! The win is yours

Ferrari gave Vettel prime strategy even though Charles was the lead driver

Vettel fans *crickets*

Why are Vettel fans bitching about Charles?

It’s the one thing they’re good at? 😂

Vettel fans have always been the first to get on their high horses and the last to leave.

Put simply, their driver has been found out. Like him, they feel entitled to wins and championships but the reality is that Charles as the younger man has overshadowed him in every way. Vettel can pout all he likes about Leclerc’s perceived favouritism – it’s the nature of the game, not that he was all that great a signing any way in my opinion. He didn’t mind it when Kimi and Webber had to move over for him, what’s the problem now?

Vettel was never as good as Lewis Hamilton, this has been physically apparent for the last two years. I think Vettel is one of those people who fell for his own hype, he thought he could be Michael, but he doesn’t quite possess Michael’s talents. As much as a gobshite Hamilton is, I have a lot of respect for him as a racer, he more than Vettel is the precocious talent who almost matches Michael, something which is really killing Vettel inside. I’d swap Hamilton with Vettel in a heartbeat. Deep down, Vettel knows those blown diffusers ( perfectly legal…😉) and Ecclestone’s meddling secured those titles and spoilt himself and his fans with a sense of greatness and entitlement. In fact he is light years away. And now they can’t cope with it. Charles Leclerc is a real threat to completely rewriting how the history books will see Vettel and for that I’m glad. Schumacher, Hamilton, Alonso and on occasion Raikkonen are all superior to Vettel. Leclerc, Verstappen and Norris will soon take over.

In any case, I wouldn’t worry too much about it, because soon Vettel will become irrelevant, Ferrari may hang on to him for next season just so Charles has stability but if he continues to spin at any given opportunity they will ditch him ASAP.

Just enjoy Charles’ performances, they’re the ones which matter.