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Can’t say I’m happy for him though, Ferrari deserved a championship, we built a beast of a car. Let down by a lesser driver. 

Redbull fans and Hamilton fans should focus on their own teams and drivers. Dunno why they must bring Ferrari into everything. Proper Ferrari fans haven’t mentioned you at all. 

Ferrari deserved better.

Well done Kimi! Forza Ferrari! Forza Kimi! Onwards to 2018! 

He keeps his nose out and has done a decent quiet race. 

Vettel letting us down once again. 

Anyone who doubts Ferrari’s determination and ability

Go eat horseshit.

Just this once.

Well done Vettel.

They bitch and bitch about Ferrari’s media policy but when it comes to talking to IronMau about it – they bottle it. #HatersonlywanttobeyouMau