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For real Ferrari fans Vettel and disappointment go hand in hand.

2019 can’t come quick enough!


It seems fitting to have Ferrari’s last champion hand over the mantle to Ferrari’s next champion. Kimi has achieved what he wanted – to be a world champion with Ferrari. I am sure the collaboration between Sauber and Ferrari will become closer for 2019, which will allow Kimi to shine and enjoy racing for the final step in his F1 career. I am sure Ferrari will still continue to benefit from Kimi’s feedback. Endless love for our 2007 champion, this page won’t stop supporting him. FORZA KIMI, FORZA ALFA ROMEO SAUBER!

As for Charles, this remarkable young man who has suffered so many losses will not let us down. Charles is extra special because he’s the first member of the Ferrari Driver Academy to graduate to the top table, anyone who thinks Ferrari will let him fail or be a “number two” are deluding themselves. He will give his all and Ferrari will give their all to him. Have no doubt he’ll be number one within months of 2019. Charles Leclerc will be the 2019 F1 World champion. You heard it here first. FORZA FERRARI, FORZA CHARLES!


Thank you Kimi 😘

A longer tribute will be paid to our champion at the end of the season.


Dear John,

We would like Kimi Räikkönen and Charles Leclerc as our 2019 driver line-up.

Best wishes,

Scuderia Ferrari fans x


Kimi you beauty ♥️

Thank you for your amazing pole! Vettel the poor loser can fuck off!



I love it when Kimi gets far more love than Ferrari’s self appointed messiah.

#ForzaKimi Show them who’s Ferrari’s champion!


Forza Ferrari!

Enjoy your break team, you deserve it!

Hungarian Grand Prix winner curse to hit Hamilton hard in September.😎😎😎


Ferrari better appeal Hamilton being on the wrong side of the pit lane bollard as he rejoined the track.

Clear penalty. Even if the FIA don’t know the meaning of consistency.


What a shit Grand Prix

Onwards to the next one. Forza Ferrari #Ferrarideservebetter