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Ferrari and Ferrari fans are more than willing to forgive Charles Leclerc because he drives with a passion akin to Gilles. You just know he will learn from his errors and get better and better. This boy has the 🔥 burning brightly in his eyes – success will come.

Also it is hard to believe he’s only in his second season of F1 racing. Future Ferrari Champion, it will come sooner rather than later.

Crawls around behind an Alfa for the majority of the race because he’s afraid of the wet stuff and then lucks onto the podium.

Vettel is still a 🛎 🔚 #FireHim


I have confidence Charles will salvage something tomorrow because he’s a superstar. Unlike the one in car number 5.

Dear Mr. Vettel, someone at Ferrari remembers, see also 2010 and 2012. Just leave.

Ferrari better appeal Hamilton being on the wrong side of the pit lane bollard as he rejoined the track.

Clear penalty. Even if the FIA don’t know the meaning of consistency.

What a shit Grand Prix

Onwards to the next one. Forza Ferrari #Ferrarideservebetter

If Vettel thinks he’s faster than Kimi he should over take him

Not bitch on the radio.

Oh look it’s the German Grand Prix so people think it’s ok to compare the immensely talented genius Michael Schumacher and his actual/real accomplishments to ……………Vettel? Show some respect, Michael deserves better.

Winner, Antonio Fuoco!