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Gerhard Berger – 1987


Eddie Irvine – 1999


Michael Schumacher – 2000


Michael Schumacher – 2001


Michael Schumacher – 2002


Michael Schumacher – 2004


Kimi Raikkonen – 2007


Team Ferrari – 2017


Inaki Rueda – 2018



Where there is a chance there is always hope. Nothing is impossible.

Forza Ferrari. The team need protecting from rabid driver fans mobs. This blog is here for Team Ferrari and only Team Ferrari.

Forza Ferrari, Forza Kimi and Forza Charles

Good luck team 🇮🇹


Simply stunning

Can’t wait to see this beauty on track! 

And they said Ferrari couldn’t do innovation! 😏😏

The 2018 beast is alive 🐴😍❤️😍🤓❤️🐴: undefined

Words cannot express how proud I am of the Ferrari team, both on the track and at the factory. They built a monster of a car, improved the engine AND kept up the development race. Their never say die attitude and complete devotion to Ferrari may have rubbed some sensitive flakes up the wrong way – but that is why Ferrari are the most loved team on the grid. It was our team who kept Mercedes honest, GIVE THEM THE CREDIT THEY DESERVE.

We go into 2018 with optimism, hope and some level of scepticism. I have complete faith in my team and their talent. If anything, this season has only heightened my sense that we have the wrong driver in Vettel, I don’t believe he is capable of winning a title for us and he most certainly doesn’t deserve a three year contract extension. Kimi has improved significantly compared to his 2016 season. I only hope Kimi’s upwards trajectory continues next season.

Forza Ferrari! And Thank you for 2017. Onwards to 2018.