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Funny how Scuderia Ferrari are always the big evil team…suck on it. 不不

Merry Christmas to Scuderia Ferrari and Charles Leclerc fans only



Charles Leclerc thank you for 2019! What a revelation you have been! You took your chance, you chased each race with a determination, speed and sheer ruthlessness, something which the Tifosi have rarely seen in a Ferrari driver for the past 10 years. As soon as Charles started beating thechosen one there have been many attempts to undermine him (apparently Ferrari dont know how to handle Nicholas Todt ) but he kept going. I for one was really pleased to see Charles not settling into what everyone wanted from him – to roll over for Vettel like a number two driver. He turned the tables through sheer speed. What Charles has given is hope amidst constant disappointment, imagine what Charles could have done in the 2018 car! Just imagine! You cant buy that sort of optimism no matter how hard you try. Monza was the race of the season especially as it was where Charles cemented his place amongst Ferrari legends. You can ask every single Ferrari employee and they will say the Monza win was their highlight. I dont think any driver since Michael was given that sort of homecoming reception. Charles is the one weve been waiting for, I have no doubt he can handle the pressure far more comfortably than those who have been in the sport for years. His mental strength and honesty surrounding how he built it up is second to none on this grid.

Ferrari belong to Charles and Charles belongs to Ferrari, there is some serious emotional investment – this is a start of something truly beautiful. We have finally found our talisman going into the future, going into 2020 he should be our priority.

Now Vettel. what an absolutely shocker of a season he has had. Once again. I mean Ferrari keep getting hes a four times world champion blah, blah, blah, well not once has Ferrari been the beneficiary of Vettels so called championship mentality. He was made the number one driver and still failed, the man has been in this sport for 12 years, his mistakes are simply unacceptable. If I were John Elkann, I would pack him up and send him via UPS to Brackley, signed, sealed and delivered free of charge. It has long been apparent Vettel just doesnt fit into Ferrari, he wasnt a Ferrari type driver when they signed him and he certainly isnt now. He might find whatever little quality he had at the beginning of his career somewhere else. As soon as Ferrari started listening to Charles the car improved dramatically, its clear there is only one driver whose input is making a difference. Might as well add Vettel is never going to be world champion with our team, although I liked to be proven wrong (a Ferrari win is never to be scorned at!) Literally for every genuine Ferrari fan, Vettel and disappointment go hand in hand. Hes had 5 years, I dont think he deserves any more, Ferrari even had to gift him a win this season. Thats embarrassing.

Finally to the whole Ferrari team, the men and women at the factory and at the tracks, thank you! You didnt let any negativity get you down, you came back after the summer which such tenacity I swear some of the cogs in the heads of haters actually shattered. We didnt get the championship but that doesnt matter because you never gave up. They say Ferrari has a spaghetti culture when Ferrari do make changes but when Ferrari opt for stability its not good enough. Ferraris engine developments have been second to none, we have an outstanding engine (despite slanderous claims from one particular fuckwit) and the platform to build on for next year. This blog will always support you, the ones who are a convenient punchbag for driver fans (the media, anyone who wants a click,) the ones who have to read the deranged comments from anonymous accounts, the ones who rely on Ferrari for employment and their families who sacrifice so much… the ordinary people who do their job with a passion unmatched. Youre our Ferrari. Have a good Christmas break and see you in 2020. Essere Ferrari.

Addio 2019.

Bring back Bridgestone!

Good luck to our lil champ for the final race of the season! Forza Ferrari, Daghe Charles!