“Dear Colleagues, I wanted to write to you directly because I know no one more than you wants to see Ferrari on the podium. You live by Ferrari as much as Ferrari lives by you, your passion and your talent. He who works at the Gestione Sportiva does not do it just because he loves racing, but because he feels part of a unique and special department, because it has Ferrari in the DNA. I understand your disappointment, at the end of a season that we would all like to forget. But, as often happens in life, it is the dark moments, those that push us towards a phase of renewal and rebirth, because they force us to find the strength and courage to change our destiny. Today we have the opportunity to start a new chapter in the sports history of Ferrari. As always, the success and strength of the Ferrari brand are closely linked to the world of Formula 1; the races are the advanced research laboratory for innovative and sophisticated technologies destined for road cars; always the performances on the track are a test of character, a demonstration of what Ferrari can do. This is exactly why we have to go back to being competitive; so Ferrari can and should go back to doing what they were created to be, the best. As you know, we decided some major changes in the next season, starting with the driver pairing. We chose Sebastian Vettel, a great driver who has already racked up an impressive array of records and has the desire and the ability to continue to demonstrate what he is worth. We believe he is the right person to assist another great talent, Kimi Raikkonen, who not only has the experience and maturity of a champion, but also a desire to share them. In addition to being both world champions, Sebastian and Kimi are also united by a great friendship in life. We all know how important it is, at this time, a healthy team spirit; a spirit that comes from people who believe strongly in a project and want to share commitment, sacrifices and achievements. Another fundamental change concerns the guidance of the Gestione Sportiva. We just announced that Maurizio Arrivabene will be the new general manager and Scuderia Team Principal, replacing Marco Mattiacci, we all thank you for the contribution he has made in the last fifteen years. Some of you may have already got to know and appreciate Maurizio Arrivabene, because he has worked extensively in the field of sponsorships, coming in contact with Formula 1 and, of course, with the Ferrari. Maurizio has a wealth of knowledge not only unique because he has long been close to our team, but, as a member of the FI Commission, has clear idea about the challenges that lie ahead. He knows very well our world and its mechanisms, the spirit of competition and the sense of the challenge that animate racing. And has been a constant source of innovative ideas for the renewal of Formula 1. I, personally, recognize in Maurizio the qualities of a true leader, one of those people that you follow for the example he gives, for the reliability and integrity of his choices, for the model of man he is. Maurizio has my full support because, in addition to being a great professional, we share the same vision of what Scuderia Ferrari can and should be, and we face this challenge with the same approach. I have total confidence in him and in fact that he will convey these values ​​to Sports Management. The road that we face will not be short nor easy. But the Ferrari legend is born following the roads less comfortable. Ferrari was built on victories with tenacity, ambition to aim each time to the highest goal, the will to excel so much in the results as the path taken to reach them. Our goal is simple: win our rightful place in both the Constructors ‘Championship in both the Drivers’ Championship. We can not settle for anything less. To get to celebrate that milestone, however, we must remain humble and continue working in every race as if it were the last. We have to earn our success on the field every day, at every opportunity, at every test. I know that your commitment has never failed. I ask you to continue to keep alive that spirit; not to fear change, but to ride him; not to wait for someone else to tell you what to do, but you take the initiative; to share ideas and tips with the team. The world does not progress endlessly repeating the same things. Progresses because there is someone who decides to break the chain of habit and inertia; because there is someone who chooses not to be more a result of the past, but one of the causes of the future. I wanted to tell you these things because I have confidence in you and in your ability to become the architects of that dream that all of us, in Ferrari, we share. This is what Ferrari needs and this is what our story asks us. For my part, I can confirm my full support. Your commitment is essential in this challenge, but it will not be alone. All of us will work together until we see realise our ideal. And I will put every effort to affirm the role of Ferrari in the international institutional Formula 1. No one more than you deserve to get back to winning. I promise you that, together, we will do everything to become the new Scuderia par excellence: the one to fear, the one to beat. Good luck to us all. Sergio Marchionne Chairman of Ferrari SpA”

Sergio Marchionne’s letter to everyone at Ferrari

Forza Ferrari!

Mourning a great leader 💔