Yeah replace the most successful Ferrari in th…

Yeah replace the most successful Ferrari in the hybrid era who is also a four time world champ with a rookie because that's real smart. smh.

I think you need to thank the engine guys at Maranello and the designer (Simone Resta) for the fastest Hybrid era Ferrari in which Vettel emotionally crumbled quite spectacularly. He didn’t win those “4” at Ferrari, nor do they hold any particular value to me. Have a look at the highlights reel F1 official have put up of Leclerc’s F2 season. Such sublime racing is once in a lifetime experience, Vettel has produced nothing like that in his career. The last time someone that good appeared in F2/GP2 was a certain Mr. L. Hamilton.

Leclerc has shown to be remarkably calm and collected even in the most difficult of circumstances. He could have quit motorsport after the death of his mentor and idol Jules Bianchi, instead he upped his racing, showing more commitment than ever.

Charles raced days after losing his father this year, reminding me of the sheer racing steel the Schumacher brothers showed after losing their mother.

Leclerc is a product of OUR driver Academy it would be a travesty if he never drove for the main team imminently. Ferrari need to be proud of the talent they are unearthing otherwise the FDA is a waste of time. Charles has shown he is ready, Vettel failed, Marchionne will use 2018 as the final chance and then, the best thing to happen to Ferrari since Schumacher will arrive.